10 Tools to Download Full Website in Your PC for Offline View

How to Download Full Website In Your PC

Sometimes you need to have access to a website’s data while being offline. It may be the case that you’d like to imitate how a popular website is structured or what their CSS/HTML files look like. This is even more true when sometimes you need to access very important web page but you can’t due to Internet issues. It is for this type of situations i’m sharing some useful tools which you may use to download full website to access it even when you don’t have Internet access.

The programs i mention below can serve this purpose very well. The options are straightforward enough that you can begin downloading an entire website in just a couple of minutes.

But remember: the bigger the site, the bigger the download. i don’t recommend downloading huge sites because you’ll need thousands of MBs to store all of the media files of these sites.

The best sites for download are those with lots of text and  not many media files. Static information or articles sites, online ebook sites, and sites you want to archive in case they go down are ideal.

And after downloading a complete site, you can easily browse it without any internet connection and with fast page loading speed. Here is the list of some tools you may use to download full Website.


HTTrack  is one of the most popular free website copier and offline browser. HTTrack is portable and runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. It lets you download full websites from the internet, to a local directory, replicating their online version. You can browse the replicated website just as you would browse it online, only the external links would not work without an Internet connection.

It does a fantastic job of retrieving HTML and images to your computer.  It allow you to customize your downloads. HTTrack doesn’t support Flash sites or intensive Java and Javascript sites.

Cyotek WebCopy

WebCopy is a free website ripper copier that lets you copy partial or full websites locally in to your hard disk for offline reading.

You provide the requisite URL and it fetches the web pages and their files from its servers. If you wish to skip parts of the web sites, its filters and advanced configuration settings allow you to define what and how to copy the resources.

WebCopy doesn’t have wide support for JavaScript and is unable to find all of the website if JavaScript is used dynamically to generate links.

It’s free for both personal and commercial use but it’s available only for Windows.


Grabzit ‘grabs’ data using the scraping tool from websites and also from PDF documents. You can identify the websites or sections of a website that you want to scrape data from and when you want it to be done, it is useful if you know when the website is updated.

NCollector Studio

NCollector Studio is an easy way to download whole websites or specific files. It offers four modes: offline browser, crawler, search, and mirror website.  Its lite version is free but it comes with some limitations like a reduced number of max levels and pages. It runs only on Windows.


SurfOffline is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8.7, Vista and XP. A 30-day free trial is available.

Website eXtractor

Website eXtractor is a great tool for anyone whose work requires hours of online research. Download entire websites or just the parts you specify. It offers a user-friendly control panel  to view the structure of a website with an online and offline sitemap or create an exact duplicate of a website on a disc. Website eXtractor is compatible with Windows 7 and earlier Windows versions. A trial version is available.

WebSite Downloader

Use WebSite Downloader to download full website including graphics, audio and everything else all at once. The software puts your files in folders just the way they are on your website so they are easy to find. You can customize Web Site Downloader to do exactly what you tell it to do. The software has a filter feature which you can use to tell it what not to downloadWeb Site Downloader is compatible with Windows 7 and earlier.

Offline Explorer

It is powerful and feature rich website downloader. It is also very user friendly. Anyone can get started with it easily and understand its functionality. Features includes great user interface, fast downloading, internal browser and it can download upto 500 files simultaneously. It is a paid tool but a free trial is also available.


Octoparse is a free and powerful website crawler for extracting almost all kind of data you need from the website. You can use Octoparse to rip a website with its extensive functionalities and capabilities. After downloading the freeware, its point-and-click UI allows you to grab all the text from the website and thus you can download almost all the website content and save it as a structured format like EXCEL, TXT, HTML or your databases. Moreover, its Scheduled Cloud Extraction enables you to refresh the website and get the latest information from the website.


Web2Disk is an easy to use program to download full website. You can use it to make a copy of any website onto your local hard drive, CD/DVD or USB. Some of the features with Web2Disk include ripping entire websites or specific directories. You can also filter to download only selected file types such as PDF, MP3, JPG and more.

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