An Overview of Windows 10 October 2018 Updates

Windows 10

The new updates of Windows 10 have arrived and available to download freely with a ton of new emojis, better links to your phone and a smarter Swift Key-powered keyboard.

With its October 2018 update rolled out recently Windows 10 plans to jump onto your phones. The Windows 10 October 2018 update is the second and probably final big update for 2018, including security and privacy enhancements, as well as new features.

Among its many new features, one of the most notable  is its attempt to integrate with the smartphones by bringing its Timeline and a new app to iOS and Android devices.

The update is currently available for download. However, it will come to the Windows Update in a week or two as Microsoft is introducing it in phases.

You can delay the update for a limited period, but you won’t be able to stop it indefinitely. Microsoft only supports older versions of Windows for two years or less from release, so the only way to keep using a supported version of Windows is to keep updating, which is important for security. Following are a little detail about the new features of windows 10 October 2018 Updates.

Windows 10 Timeline on Your Phone with “Your Phone App”

After the death of Microsoft Windows Mobile this update give new and improved form to Microsoft’s efforts to better integrate Windows with Android and iOS.

The newYour Phone App” is designed to bring a lot of these efforts into a single destination. Right now “Your Phone App” Works with android gadgetsby using this you’ll be able to sync photos and text messages.

One of the best feature of “Your Phone App”, however, is the ability to send SMS messages from your PC, using your phone. This is limited to Android devices right now, and you’ll be able to send and receive messages in the app and they’re sent from your phone. According to Microsoft, they are working to try and make “Your Phone App” features available on iPhones too, but Apple has restricted access to SMS data in iOS so it require a big change to get this Your Phone App feature working with the iPhone.

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Microsoft’s Timeline feature, which lets you pick up where you left off on the current PC or another that you’re signed into will be now available on their Android and iOS devices.

Timeline can be accessed from Android with the Microsoft Launcher. The MS launcher is available for preview currently. The iOS user will have to wait a little to avail it.

 Windows 10 Your Phone App

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New Cloud Powered Clipboard

Windows 10 update is bringing a new cloud-powered clipboard. It will enable you to copy content from the devices and store it in the cloud. It will be more helpful when you use different devices for home and work.

You will be able to access full history of your clipboard by using the Windows + V keyboard shortcut, and this will sync clipboard data throughout all your Windows 10 devices. It’s particularly useful if you have a Windows 10 PC at home or work and a laptop for on the go, and you want to pick up where you left off.

Microsoft is also working to bring cloud clipboard support to SwiftKey in the future, and this will allow you to copy or paste data between a mobile devices and Windows 10. That will make cloud clipboard even more useful across multiple devices.

New emoji

The October 2018 update bring support for Unicode 11 and 157 new emoji. A few of Microsoft’s existing emoji have been tweaked too, including its range of ninja cat emoji. You can bring up the emoji panel using Win key + the full stop key.

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Dark Theme For File Explorer

Windows 10  is now extending its dark mode to the File Explorer with the October 2018 Update. It’s a quite dramatic change from the standard white in the File Explorer. If you’re a dark mode fan then this new look is definitely for you.


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Improved search

Microsoft has improved the way search works on Windows. Now there are big previews of files, documents, emails, contacts etc and a list of recently accessed files when you search for Word or another app, alsoPick where you left off” section to get right back into it.

New Tool For Screenshot

The long-standing built-in screenshot app, Snipping Tool, is being replaced by the Snip & Sketch app. Screen Sketch, previously bundled in Windows Ink, is now a separate app that can take screenshots and provide options to annotate them. A new win key + shift + S keyboard shortcut will now bring up an area select tool to snip a screenshot and copy it to the clipboard. You can then annotate the screenshot before sharing it with others. You can also assign the prntscr keyboard button to this new tool.

Apart from the above described here are few other features which includes better privacy controls, new game bar features, option for making text bigger across windows 10, power usage detail in task manager, better HDR /Ray-Tracing Support and microsoft Edge Improvments etc.

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