Here’s How to Check if Your Facebook Account Was Hacked or Not

Facebook Account

Recently Facebook disclosed a hack to the general public around two weeks ago saying 50 million facebook accounts were compromised.That number has now been decreased to just 30 million, however the amount of data stolen makes it the worst attack in Facebook’s history.

The company said hackers weren’t able to access more sensitive information like your password or financial information. And third-party apps weren’t affected.

Facebook has now set up a section in website for its users to verify if their accounts have been accessed, and if so, what information has been stolen by hackers.

It will also provide guidance on how to deal with suspicious emails or texts. Facebook will also send messages directly to those people affected by the hack.

How to Check if Your Facebook Account Was Hacked or Not

First, Login to your Facebook account if you’re not logged in already. Now Go to the link given below

than scroll to the bottom of the page. If you‘re likely safe from this hack attack you’ll see a message similar to the image below.

Facebook Account

Now, if your account was accessed by hackers, you’ll see a very different warning. Specifically, Facebook will tell you what info of yours it believes was scraped. If you‘re on mobile, it may look like the below examples, provided by Facebook on its blog.

facebook hacking

New York Times reporter Mike Isaac tweeted screenshots from his own account, which show that all kinds of personal data — including his address, phone number, and date of birth (among other things) — were scraped by whoever is behind this.

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However, the company put these notices on what it’slearned so far.” It’s fair to wonder what new information the executives at Facebook will learn tomorrow.

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