How to Download a Website Using HTTrack


HTTrack  is one of the most popular free website copier and offline browser. It is portable and runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. It lets you download full websites from the internet, to a local directory, replicating their online versionYou can browse the replicated website just as you would browse it onlineonly the external links would not work without an Internet connection.

It does a fantastic job of retrieving HTML and images to your computer.  It allow you to customize your downloads. HTTrack doesn’t support Flash sites or intensive Java and Javascript sites. Following is a little guide to download a website using HTTrack.

Step-1: Download Httrack from

Step-2: Install the Httrack software using default setting.

Step-3:open HTTrack and click on Next and fill the project detail.

HTTrack Project info

Step-4: Select Download web site(s) from Action’s Dropdown Menu and write the web address you need to download and go to next.

HTTrack mirroring Mode

Step-5 Click on finish.

HTTrack Connection Parameters

Website downloading will be started


HTTrack Downloading


After completion you will see the window similar to given below. Click on Browse Mirrored Website to check your downloaded site in your PC.


HTTrack Download Finished

To Increase Website Downloading Speed Follow The Steps Given Below

Go to Set Option

click on Limits Tab and increase Max transfer rate to something like 999999.

HTTrack Downloading Speed

In Case You Got Mirror Error

First please make sure you have written correct web address and if you still see this error than follow the steps given below

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 Go to Set Options 


From here go to Browser ID and select (none) for “Browser “Identity”

HTTrack Browser ID


Than go to Scan Rules click on Include link(s) than from Criterion choose “This link:” and in string write your target web address. Than click on add.

Mirror error should go away.

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