Introduction To SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO Introduction

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is a technique of increasing a website‘s visibility and search in a search engine.

SEO is more focused on getting free or organic site visitors. It fits into a bigger digital marketing technique. Other digital marketing strategy can work in close alignment with an SEO strategy. Other digital marketing roles include search engine marketing, Social media marketing, content marketing etc. To achieve success in SEO, you should have a good understanding and skills to work with these marketing roles.

There are many different schools of thought and Specializations within the SEO industry itself. For instance, some people choose a specialization like native Geotechnical SEO or SEO copy writing. Whereas others prefer to have a broader specialization and work in all areas. There’s even dispute among SEOs about white hat vs black hat vs grey hat. White hat SEOs follow search engine best practices set by Google and other search engines. Additionally white hat techniques  will not result in you getting penalized or banned from search engineswhile black hat SEOs often go in opposition to these and take part in unethical practices. These unethical practices often get their websites hit with penalties. Grey hats come somewhere in the center.

suggest you to spend some time on your own to learn more in regards to the different SEO schools of thought. Moreover You may  test various practices on your own websites. This can be helpful for you to gain more understanding of how search engines and SEO works. In SEO the best way to learn is to do practice and continual testing.

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Google, Yahoo, and Bing are some of the major search engines. Although there are also some other lesser known search engines like China’s Baidu, Yandex of Russia, and Naver of South Korea. You may need to work with these search engines only if you are working on an international SEO strategy and using foreign languages. However, to know their existence is important.

Google has the largest market share as compare to all other search engines. So SEOs and clients have large interest in optimizing particularly for Google. Furthermore, by optimizing for Google you’re following website best practices. These best practices will help your website rank higher throughout the globe.

Every page show ten organic results in search result. You may see ads around the search results. These are the center of interest for search engine marketers. These ads bid on keywords similar to what we have optimized for an SEO. So there add will show up ideally on the first page of search. It is important to understand that Google is a for profit organization. These advertisements make a substantial amount of their profits. Same as search engine marketers, SEOs want their website to show on the first pages as well.

Clicks on a result and visits to a website are significantly affected by the position of the result. Based on a study at “MOZ” 71% of all traffic to a website is visits from the first page of results. Users are more likely to simply reset their search query, instead of going on to the second page of search results. In fact, the first five results in the organic listings, carry the highest 68% of clicks to a website. Raising a website just a few positions in search, can dramatically increase a website‘s traffic. However, it’s important to make sure your site is healthy and well optimized so you don’t lose positions or traffic. The only trick is to optimize your website for the right keywords that are most likely to result in an engaged visitor.

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