TikTok To Hire Veteran Youtube Executive


TikTok, the Chinese-owned company that has quickly become one of the hottest apps in North America, has hired a veteran YouTube executive to oversee its U.S. operations.

Vanessa Pappas, who was YouTube’s Global Head of Creative Insights, is now the video sharing app’s first-ever General Manager for the U.S., the company confirmed to Cheddar.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Vanessa Pappas to TikTok US as General Manager,” a TikTok spokesperson exclusively told Cheddar. “Her experience and proven success in connecting global audiences through video make her a wonderful leader to guide TikTok’s continued product, team, and community growth.”

Pappas worked at YouTube for more than seven years, overseeing the video platform’s growth teams and specifically working on growth tactics for influencers and celebrities. She recently relocated from New York City to Los Angeles, where TikTok’s U.S. headquarters is based.

For TikTok, the hiring of Pappas represents an increased focus on growing the app’s presence in the United States. The app recently started testing ads and has been heavily spending on marketing in recent months, an approach that’s blanketed competitors like Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat with ads promoting the app.

Pappas’s experience from YouTube, where she led the early development of the platform’s guidelines on how people can grow their viewership, will be valuable at TikTik. YouTube is now, of course, widely popular with influencers, having created a sizable group of homegrown celebrities with millions of followers.

Via Cheddar

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