WhatsApp to Introduce “Dark Mood” and “Swipe to Reply” Feature Soon

whatsapp dark mood

WhatsApp may launch another new feature, Adding to its string of updates for this year. That’ll allow users to reply to messages simply by swiping right as soon as it appears above the notification tray. This will be different from the existing method of replying which requires you to pull down a message and then tap on reply.

The same feature exists on iPhone devices, which also requires the users to swipe right to reply.

WhatsApp is also working on a much-awaited dark mode. This will provide a dark background to the traditional WhatsApp interface. This can be useful at night, as it reduces the strain on users’ eyes. It will also allow better battery savings especially for devices running OLED and AMOLED displays, as each pixel is essential an individual LED in case of such displays. The LED pixels are turned off when displaying blacks, which in turn results not only in better contrast ratio, but also battery saving.

The swipe to reply and dark mode are in their testing phase right now. Normally such features undergoing testing show up on WhatsApp Beta, but the two have not made their way to it yet. However, we can expect them to show up anytime soon.

You can read more about the latest WhatsApp features here.

It is important to note that WhatsApp Beta is the version of WhatsApp that receives the newest testing features. However, it is an unstable version which can lead to crashes and bugs. You’ll be able to become a beta user by enrolling yourself into WhatsApp’s beta testing program by clicking here. If you wish to opt out of the program at any point, simply uninstall the testing version, and download the public version of WhatsApp from Google Play Store.

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